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Building an add-in for Excel


Excel is a very powerful application with thousands of options and functions to help you build your models and reports and analyses. Oftentimes your daily job could do with some additional functionality. Something Excel does not offer "out of the box".

With VBA, augmenting Excel with new functionality is possible. This article demonstrates how I created a small utility. It outlines all steps I used to create the tool. The principles I used in these steps may help you when set out to build your own add-in.


I prepared a sample workbook for you to download.




All comments about this page:

Comment by: Lorraine Gouws (12/14/2015 2:01:51 PM)

Hi, I recently met you at the Global Training Camp at Microsoft in London. You very kindly advised me on creating an Addin to customise my ribbon across several versions of Excel.

The issue I'm having is that the Addins tab doesn't appear and I need it to display 3rd Party Addins, so in the CustomUI I created a custom Addins tab and it displays the new tab, but none of the groups are visible:

<tab id="MyAddInsTab" label="Addins" InsertAfterMso="TabAddins" getVisible="GetVisible" tag="ribaddin">
<group idMso="GroupAddInsMenuCommands" />
<group idMso="GroupAddInsToolbarCommands" />
<group idMso="GroupAddInsCustomToolbars" />

I was hoping my 3rd Party Addins would appear in the menu commands group.

I've searched all morning on the internet on how to display 3rd Party Addins using CustomUI, but I can't find an answer.
Are you able to advise?

Many thanks


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (12/14/2015 3:49:39 PM)

Hi Lorraine,

I would expect the customisations to appear automatically on that add-ins tab without needing any ribbon xml code in an add-in, as this is something Excel handles itself as soon as any custom commandbar is added to the userinterface.


Comment by: WILLIAM FREUND (10/18/2016 6:15:32 PM)

The link on the "Building an Add-in For Excel" page that reads "I prepared a sample workbook for you to download" takes me to your "Downloads" page, however I am unable to locate an item in the list of Downloads that "sounds like" it refers to .... whoops, never mind, I just took another look at the download list and noticed the item called "SheetTools" with the notation that reads "this is the file that accompanies my article on 'How to build an Excel Add-in'.

Incidentally, I have been advised (by women) that my inability to locate things that they (the women) have subsequently been able to locate for me is a common condition known as "man looking". :-)

Keep up the good work lads and ladies,
Bill Freund


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (10/19/2016 8:14:13 AM)

Hi Bill,

LOL glad you were able to locate the file. I'll add a direct download link though.


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